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Open letter
Name: Thien Phat Production and Trading., JSC
Short name: Thien Phat Pro., JSC
Address: No. 56 Nhan Hoa, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
Phone: 04.62852959
Fax: 04.62852966
Manufacturing & Trading Corporation Thien Phat as suppliers of industrial chemicals found in Vietnam
With many years experience in the business sector, import and export chemicals for textile dyes, dyes, dyeing auxiliaries, increased white matter for fabric, paper and plastics, coatings and gloss water based solvent; chemical fundamental, industrial and agricultural sectors: food processing, water treatment, detergents, environment, paint, ink ... .. Also, with the reputation, experience and resources available to her, Thien Phat is fully capable to supply all adhesive products, chemical quality of the service industry your business customers and supply the best goods chemicals for water treatment and waste production, to ensure the sustainable development of your company to increase production capacity, add associated with environmental protection.
Last time, we have gained the trust of so many businesses, customers in the whole country, with the continuous development of market indexes, commodities, with the development branch City Pacific to serve the needs of customers in key economic regions of Vietnam.
JSC Production & Trade Thien Phat has put relations and close cooperation with many groups leading manufacturer of chemicals such as SPECTRA, BASF, OCI, Farbchemie Braun KG, ThyssenKrupp, UNID ... in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand ... With prestigious partners our products always ensures the quality of spending the manufacturer.
Thien Phat Pro., JSC look forward to working with partners and customers at home and abroad on the basis of cooperation of mutual benefit.